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ATLAS INDUSTRIES was established in1974. We proudly present Atlas as a leading leather manufacturer and Exporter of premium quality leather garments. Our Products are designed as per the latest trends and fashion. Our garments are famous among all Fashion conscious men and women worldwide.
Atlas Industries business as a 100% export oriented company dealing into leather garments. We offer the best leather garments at attractive prices that makes us distinct from others operating in this sphere.
We have a diverse collection of Jackets, Skirts, Biker jackets, Vests, Pants, Gloves and other accessories made of leather and textile. Our leather accessories include wallets, notebook covers, belts and other similar products. It all starts off as a side of tanned, various hides pull up. Then it is cut, tooled, dyed, constructed, stitched and burnished. The processes involved are time consuming and a lot of skill goes into crafting the end result, but we believe it is worth it!

Our Aim

We aim to embody the elevated lifestyle of today’s consumer. Our product is about the person who wears it, and his or her individual expression of our creation. We believe his or her approach to shopping is the same as his or her approach to everything else in life: elevated, pared back, and functional. Atlas Industries create denim and ready-to-wear pieces that seamlessly fit into this lifestyle, with an emphasis on sustainability and a keen awareness of the impact we have on the world at large. We are passionate in our belief that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around and that passion drives us to constantly ideate, create, and innovate.

Our Mission

We believe in offering top quality leather jackets and shearling coats at highly competitive prices backed up with a proper after sales service. We actually offer an “Extended Guarantee” with all of our products as, unlike many of our competitors. Our most popular leather jacket and coats are made from Lamb Nappa skins. They are extremely soft, supple and hard wearing. In month of summers, we offer a wide range of Suede Jackets. They are made from either Lamb or Kid suede skins and are both light in weight and ultra soft.

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